Excess or Umbrella Insurance


Enhanced Liability Protection for Trucking Businesses

Trucking Insruance meant to Protect You

In the realm of trucking insurance, Excess and Umbrella insurance are two distinct types of coverage designed to provide additional liability protection beyond the limits of primary policies. Whether issued by the primary insurer or a self-insurer, these coverages play a crucial role in safeguarding businesses from substantial losses. 

Key Benefits of Excess and Umbrella Insurance 
• Extended Coverage
: Both Excess and Umbrella insurance extend the liability limits of your underlying policies, ensuring that your business is protected against larger claims that exceed your primary coverage. 
• Gap Coverage:
These types of insurance can address known or unknown gaps in your basic coverages or self-insured retentions, providing a comprehensive layer of protection. 
• Regulatory and Contractual Compliance:
Trucking companies often opt for this coverage to meet FMCSA regulations, fulfill shipper demands, or simply to provide higher limits for more adequate insurance protection. 

Why Choose Excess or Umbrella Insurance? 
Selecting the right Excess or Umbrella insurance ensures that trucking businesses are shielded from significant risks, offering peace of mind in an industry where substantial claims can arise. Here’s why it’s essential: 
• Protection Against Large Claims
: Safeguards your business from financial losses due to major accidents or incidents that exceed your primary insurance limits. 
• Operational Continuity:
Helps maintain business stability and continuity by providing an additional layer of financial protection. 
• Enhanced Security:
Provides assurance to clients and partners that your business is well-protected, enhancing your reputation and reliability. 

Get the Coverage You Need 
At TWI Insurance Agency, we understand the unique risks faced by trucking businesses. Our tailored Excess and Umbrella insurance policies are designed to provide comprehensive and enhanced protection, ensuring your business remains secure and resilient. 
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